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Tyvek Triathlon UHF RFID Tag for Sports Timing Events

Triathlon UHF RFID Tag is a wristband, which contains an RFID UHF tag and uses 4 ~ 5mm thick foam to improve reading speed and reliability. This peelable TYVEK wristband is designed to provide athletes the best comfort and produce the most accurate reading rates for marathons or other athletic events. The Triathlon UHF RFID Tag meets the unique challenges of a multiplayer timed match and solves the problem of UHF being affected by its proximity to the human body. Eliminates the costly reusable tag chip issuance and collection processes, providing lean operations and barrier-free sports timed activities. The foam on the back of the tag can resist the human body's common interference with UHF RFID and is waterproof, so it greatly improves the timing accuracy of various sports events. Triathlon UHF RFID Tag Features:  - High quality, durable and reliable. - High accuracy. - Branding and marketing opportunities. - Waterproof. - A high ease of use. - Lightweight and highly comfortable. - Easy to apply. - Single-chip solution. - Excellent read rate. Technical Specifications of Triathlon UHF RFID Tag: - Protocol: EPC global UHF Class 1 Gen 2 - Operating Frequency: Global (860-960 MHz) - IC Type: Impinj Monza R6 - RFID Inlay: H0895MR6 - Memory: EPC 96 bit, User 0 bit - EPC Memory Content: 48 bit unique serialized TID number - Max Read Distance: > 4. m (15 ft) - Applicable Surface Materials: Paper, cardboard, plastic, the human body  - Tag Form Factor: Wet inlay - Tag Materials: Printable TYVEK (Thermal Transfer) - Top Layer: Printed Polypropylene with standard graphic design - Bottom Layer: Polypropylene with 5mm Polyethylene foam - Attachment Method: Special purpose, hot-melt adhesive - Dimensions: 40 x 360 mm (1.58 x 14.2 in) - Weight: 3 g - Operating Temperature: -40° to +85°C (-40° to +185°F)  Looking forward to your inquiry of Triathlon UHF RFID Tag.

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