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Long Read Range Silicone RFID RAIN MiGHTAG Wristband

UHF is a very sensitive frequency, and its performance is particularly affected by the surrounding environment. Therefore, long range RFID UHF wristband are damaged due to human moisture, and are not satisfied with the performance of RFID. UHF sensitive issues. HUAYUAN RFID UHF wristband was specially designed for human body attachment and guarantees its performance in practical applications, which the UHF MiGHTAG Wristband embeds a wearable UHF RFID tag which its by strictly controlling the production process. This Silicone RFID UHF wristband is made of 100% qualified silicone and embedded RFID tags, which its waterproof and comfortable when you wear this wristband on your wrist and arm, you can wear a long reading distance of up to 6m, even if it fits the body perfectly It can also maintain such a stable reading distance and performance. And the consistency of this wristband is very good, the performance difference between the wristbands is within 30 cm. In addition, the RFID UHF wristband can be logo printed, digitally printed / engraved, EPC coded. Meet customers' various customized needs. Technical Specifications of Silicone RAIN MiGHTAG Wristband: - P/N: WSL-01 - Frequency: ETSI, FCC, LBT - Size: 250x19mm or customized - Available chips: IMPINJ Monza®R6, Monza®R6-P, Monza®4QT / NXPUCODE®7, UCODE®8 / Alien HIGGS3 - Material: Silicone - RFID transponder: ceramic silver antenna design excellent performance directly attached to the human body - Color options: Black / White / Red / Yellow / blue / purple, etc. - Protection level: IP68 - Working temperature: -30 ~ 80 ° C - Storage temperature: -25 ~ 140 ° C Looking forward to your inquiry of Silicone RAIN MiGHTAG Wristband.

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