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Garment Management Soft Satin RFID Wash Care Label

Soft Satin RFID care label is made of super soft ribbon fabric, plus soft paper substrate RFID inlay, after a special composite process, the finished RFID woven label is very soft, which can fully meet the needs of ordinary customers. At present, HUAYUAN is still developing ultra-soft woven labels without substrates for more softer. If the research and development is successful, it will go further than the current solution. The delivery method of satin soft RFID wash label is divided into roll-shaped continuous blank woven label, submit the customer's roll RFID label, there is no other process except mark line and sewing line. You can also submit the customer's complete single RFID woven label to complete all printing, encoding and dividing, it can be directly sewn and used after the factory receives it. Customers can also add processes to the package white label according to actual needs, such as: printing, jacquard, variable code printing, encoding, slitting, ant line, etc. The Merits of Stain Soft RFID Care label 1. Soft woven material can be printed or jacquard logo, plus ultra-thin inlay 2. Soft material can be used as logo for cloth bag + bottomless paper inlay 3. Woven label with soft material and jacquard process Specifications of RFID Care Label




Manufacturer of IC IMPINJ MONZA R6-P/UCODE® 7/8  
Substrate Material RFID transponder: thin inlay or PET-free paper-based inlayFabric Wrap: satin Can be cold cut
Antenna Etching Aluminum + PET  
Protocol ISO18000-6C  


128/128/128 Bits Read & Write

User Memory

32/0/0 Bits Read & Write

TID/Unique TID

48/48/48 Bits Read Only


32 Bits Access Password32 Bits Kill Password Read & Write
Frequency 860 - 960MHz  
Operating Mode Passive  
IC Life 100,000pcs programming cycles50 years data retention  
ESD Voltage Immunity Max. 2000V Human body mode (HBM)
Applications of Soft Wash RFID Care Label

Clothing brand management

Logistics warehousing management

Store management

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