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Customized UHF RFID Hang Tag for Apparel and Garment Industry

As a leading provider of comprehensive RFID solutions, HUAYUAN is the world's largest retailer and trusted partner of top fashion brands, providing our customers with reliable results and fast return on investment. We can custom RFID garment hang tags in various kinds & sizes. They work great for asset tracking and work-in-process tracking. Benefits of RFID hang tags for apparel & retailers: 1.Inventory management 2.Items on the sales floor and stock room 3.Faster inventory with simplicity 4.Accuracy of inventory 5.Know what kind & size of apparel is missing 6.Loss Prevention 7.Reduce theft Specifications of RFID hang tag A.Technical spec. of RFID UHF apparel hangtags:


RFID Hang Tag


GS1/EPC Global UHF Gen2

Operating Frequency:



MONA R6/ R6-P, UCODE 7/8 etc.

Inlay Size:

40*15mm, 50*30mm, 70*14mm etc

Label Dimensions:

30.5*85mm,42*92MM or customized

Material & Structure:

210 grams of white paper + RFID chip + 210 grams of white paper composite converting, or custom paper


Customized on back or front side black position line or perforated


Customized data (barcode, price, Art. No.)

B.Size of RFID UHF brand tag:

C.Unwinding direction of RFID UHF brand tag:

HUAYUAN RFID UHF hang tags advantages 1. Rich experience in apparel hang tags' manufacture 2. State-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities. 3. Customized production development ability. 4. Professional in handling variable data & Rich experience in SKU management 5. 100% QC 6. No duplications are found (printing or encoding data). 7. Localization service in Euro zone For further information of RFID UHF hang tag, please contact us.

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