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PPS RFID Button Laundry Coin Tag for Clothes

HUAYUAN uses double-sided PPS twice injection molding process, which is specially designed for harsh environments. It has excellent performance in high temperature and chemical environments, and it still maintains the high consistency of reading after long-term use. The characteristics of PPS make the tag waterproof, resistant to high temperature and chemical corrosion above 150 degrees. As a part of a commercial laundry system, Button Laundry RFID Tag ensures accurate item counting and real-time inventory control and documentation for automatic billing. HUAYUAN had offered the RFID laundry management for Italian military uniforms before.

The Button Laundry RFID Tag is practically no different from ordinary buttons tag and can be sewn on clothes using standard sewing equipment or hanging. PPS Button RFID laundry coin tag main features: - Unique ID, non-copiable, high security - Wash and dry clean up to 150 times - Flexible storage architecture for data encoding and permanent locking - Continuous high-pressure dehydration, short time ironing - Support multi-tag recognition - Suitable for industrial washing, dry cleaning, and ironing. - Tracking and management of hotel sheets, uniforms, etc. - Industrial Tracking  Technical Specifications of PPS RFID Coin Laundry Tag: - P/N: HLB-ND20, HLB-ND22, HLB-P26 - Dimension: Diameter 20/22/26mm - Frequency: 125kHz/13.56MHz/UHF - IC Chips: EM4200, TK4100, Fudan 08, I Code SLI-X, NTAG213, UHF( optional - Encasement: PPS or Nylon - Read Range: Depend on readers, tag size and working environment) - IP Standard: IP68 - Operating temperature: -25ºC ~ 120ºC - Storage temperature: -25ºC ~ 120ºC - Recycle Washing: 150 Washing Cycles - Craft Options: Logo, Numbering, UID, Encoding  Looking forward to your inquiry of PPS Button RFID Coin Laundry Tag.