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Laser Numbering Textile Identification Laundry RFID Transponder

With laundry industry and rapid growth of the scope of the workers, rental and leasing business, to the accuracy requirement of the automation and process control is becoming more and more high, every day, how to effectively manage such a huge amount of textiles, seems to laundry RFID transponder is currently the only solution, since the virus this year, for the sake of public health and safety of some governments are to promote RFID system to manage hotels, health care, a huge amount of textiles such as overalls, in addition to the demand of the public health security, also is the key factor for corporate profits. Features of Huayuan Laundry RFID Transponder 1, Stable Performance 2, Consistency in 200+ industrial laundering cycles 3, 100% QC test and TID list provide 4, Experienced for EU, Japan and US markets Technical Specifications of Textile Identification RFID Transponder - Dimension: 70*15*1.5mm, 70*40*1.5mm, 55*12*1.5mm or customized - Frequency: UHF - IC Chips: NXP UCODE 7/8, Impinj Monza R6-P - Encasement: Polyester - Read Range: 5-7 Meters, Depend on readers and working environment - IP Standard: IP68 - Operating temperature: 100ºC/200M - Storage temperature: -40°C or + 120°C - Recycle Washing: >200 Washing Cycles Installation of Textile UHF RFID Laundry Transponder - Sewn: Avoid attached antenna on a laundry tag - Pocket: Seal the tag inside of the textile pocket - Heat-sealed directly onto the textile: Max. Heating 218 Celsius degree for 15 – 20second, 0.4MPa Looking forward to your inquiry of Textile Identification Laundry RFID Transponder.