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UHF RFID Textile Tags for Hotel and Hospital Linen Tracking

RFID textile tag can be sewn on the edge of the article, processed into the hem, or glued to the textile using a special adhesive. According to requirements, RFID lintag different sizes can be provided, such as 75*15mm, 55*12mm, 34*34mm etc. Personalization includes laser engraving, logos, text, blank codes and QR codes, and individual codes. It can satisfy that more than 10,000 single items can be cleaned, dried, sorted, ironed, folded and delivered within 60 minutes. This amount is necessary because the the textile laundry demand of medical facilities or hotel companies has greatly increased. Digitalization connects laundry technology with laundry items. Automation is changing the laundry industry. Use RFID technology to comprehensively manage the entire washing process and logistics of hospitals or nursing homes, hotel laundry, work clothes, textiles or dust collection mats, and carry out digital and cost-effective optimization. Technical Specifications of RFID Textile Tag - Dimension: 70*15mm, 70*40mm, 55*12mm or customized - Frequency: UHF - IC Chips: NXP UCODE 7/8, Impinj Monza R6-P - Encasement: Polyester - Read Range: 5-7 Meters, Depend on readers and working environment - IP Standard: IP68 - Operating temperature: 100ºC/200M - Storage temperature: -40°C or + 120°C - Recycle Washing: >200 Washing Cycles Installation of Textile UHF RFID Linen Tag - Sewn: Avoid attached antenna on a linen tag - Pocket: Seal the tag inside of the textile pocket - Heat-sealed directly onto the textile: Max. Heating 218 Celsius degree for 15 – 20second, 0.4MPa   With more than 20 years of experience in the RFID field, HUAYUAN can provide solutions and technologies that best suit specific requirements. As a RFID textile tags manufacturer, 150K production per day for the market of Europe, US, Japan, etc. Provide professional RFID laundry asset management solutions and laundry facility for the following sectors of the textile laundry business: industry, health care, hotels, nursing homes and communities, PPE, clothing RFID laundry management, etc.