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Slim Flexible Fabric UHF RFID Linen Tags

With the rapid growth of industrial laundry, hotel supplies rental, and clothing rental, the management requirements for automated inventory control are getting higher and higher, and the demand for precise process systems has become more and more important, which is related to the profitability and viability of enterprises. Rapid control of industrial processes is a key prerequisite for competitiveness and efficiency in the laundry market. For industrial laundry shops, automation is very important in terms of having a cost structure. This cost structure simplifies the operating department’s attention to value-added activities, reduces manual labor, saves costs and improves efficiency. Huayuan new design textile UHF RFID linen tag uses a special treatment package and 200 strands of stainless steel wire antenna compounded on polyester fabric, laser cut forming to withstand the pumping pressure of 60 bar, extremely low failure rate, high reliability. Flexible UHF RFID tag have extremely high flexibility, softness and durability, ideal suitable for plain linen and clothing management. Ultra-rugged UHF RFID laundry tags design and material is designed to extend the deployment cycle, allowing the Flexible UHF RFID tag to be reused within the expected life cycle time, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership. Installation of Textile UHF RFID Linen Tag: - Sewing: Avoid attached antenna on a laundry tag - Pocket: Seal the tag inside of the textile pocket - Heat-sealed directly onto the textile: Max. Heating 218 Celsius degree for 15 – 20second, 0.4MPa Technical Specifications of Textile UHF RFID Linen Tag: - Dimension: 55*12*1.5mm - Frequency: UHF - IC Chips: NXP UCODE8, Impinj Monza R6-P - Encasement: Polyester - Read Range: 5-7 Meters, Depend on readers and working environment - IP Standard: IP68 - Operating temperature: 100ºC/200M - Storage temperature: -40°C or + 120°C - Recycle Washing: >200 Washing Cycles Why Huayuan? 1, The best reading performance in the industry 2, 100 000~150 000 pieces per day production capacity 3, Strict quality inspection system, all linen labels are 100% inspected before shipment 4, High performance, best price among products of the same grade Looking forward to your inquiry of Textile UHF RFID Linen Tag.