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Waste Management Durable RFID Worm Waste Bin Tag

HUAYUAN RFID Bin Tag has excellent performance to waterproof, anti-oil, heat resistant, and anti-impact. RFID bin tag transponder can be easily installed into most trash cans in metal or DIN30745 plastic. The RFID trash bin is easy and effective helps waste management organizations achieve optimal data integrity. 125KHz, 134.2KHz (LF), 13.56MHz (HF) or 860-960MHz (UHF) are available. RFID Bin Tag Key Features: Easy installation: Owing to its durable structure, the bin tag RFID tags can withstand the harsh environment. Anti-counterfeit: Custom wrench screw design to prevent illegal disassembly. Compatibility: RFID worm tags comply with international protocol and facilities. Reliability: Waste bin RFID tag comply with main RFID frequencies, LF, HF, and UHF.  RFID BDE Tag Transponder Standards: Unique: DIN 30745 FDX-b BDE: EN 14803, DIN 30745 HDX: EN 14803, DIN 30745 HF: ISO 15693, ISO 18000-3, DIN 30745 UHF: UHF EPC Class1 Gen2, ISO 18000-6C, DIN 30745 RFID Bin Tag Transponder Specification: Material: Nylon+ epoxy filling Size: Φ30mm x 15mm, hole diameter: 5.5mm IP Class: IP67 Color: Black, yellow, red, blue, gray etc Read Distance: 5 ~ 10cm(LF); 5cm(HF); 2m ~ 3m(UHF) Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ +120°C HUAYUAN offers millions of RFID bin tags for waste management to European and US markets. Looking forward to your inquiry of RFID Bin Tag Transponder.