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RFID Aviation Tags for Airlines Luggage Baggage Tracking

HUAYUAN RFID Aviation tags is compliance IATA 1740 C standard, as the omini-direction antenna can be read range between 6 Meters to 8 Meters, covered global frequency from 860MHz to 960MHz (Reader gain: 20-30 db. in test in anechoic chamber by Tagformance Pro). HUAYUAN is self-developed new arrival liner-less RFID Aviation Tag for airline tagging tracking:) The material of all alternative face stock compliance FSC Certification, all glue and materials composite environmental requirement. RFID airline Tags been proofed well printed by Barcode Printers like, IER, INTERMIC, SATO, Fujitsu. e.g. The advantage of HUAYUAN RFID Aviation tagging: 1. Production capacity over billions of tags per year 2. State-of-art facility like Mühlbauer bonding, Bielomatik converting etc. 3. Most competitive price in huge project Specifications of RFID aviation baggage tags A.Technical data of RFID aviation baggage tags:
Item RFID aviation tag
Protocol EPC Class 1 Gen 2/ISO 18000-6C
Manufacture / IC IMPINJ M4QT
EPC / TID /User Memory/Kill Pass 128 bits /48 bits /512 bits/32 bits

540*54mm, 501*54mm or 399*51mm

Material Art paper
Antenna AL etching with thickness 0.03mm adhesive layer
Inlay structure Etching AL 9 µm + PET 50 µm
Operating Frequency 860960MHz
Operating Mode Passive
IC Life 100,000 Programming cycles, 10Yrs data retention
ESD Voltage Immunity Max.2000V Human being mode(HBM)
Read Range Depend on RFID inlay and RFID reader antenna
RFID Tag craft services Customer specific encoding of EPC, Customized printing of Logo, text, Barcode etc
B.Structure of RFID aviation tag: How to choose the right inlay for your RFID aviation tag project? Because baggage will have different directions during the check-in process, in order to make the tags readable in different directions and avoid missed reading, Generally, omnidirectional inlay is the highly selected, for example: H47 inlay, H41 inlay, etc. Please contact us for more detail information.

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