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Tamper Evident Wine Bottle RFID Tags

In recent years, the fraud of great brands is serious in the market of wine and spirits, which not only brings huge economic losses to wine companies, but also seriously threatens people's health and safety. There are many cases of using RFID for the wine industry. In addition to inventory management, the wine and spirits market also has many pain points in brand certification and tamper-resistant solutions. Compared with traditional bar code, QR code, and laser anti-counterfeiting technology, HUAYUAN engineers have designed specific RFID tags for bottles /wine bottles. Many types of wine and liquor bottles have metal foil on their necks. HUAYUAN RFID bottle tag keeps the inlay away from liquid, glass, and foil with excellent reading range performance. Personalize unique serialized QR images printing that consumers can use their smartphones for brand authentication and interaction to learn more about the product. Destructible tamper evident tag printing antenna with paper substrate gets easy broken when it peeled off. NFC NTAG®213, NTAG®213 TT, NTAG®413 DNA, ICODE® DNA, ICODE® SLIX is optional as demand. HUYUAN can produce or design the tag as customers' linear production Key Features of RFID Tag for Wine Bottles: 1.Anti-counterfeiting. 2.Eco tag material and glue is compliant FDA. 3.Destructible NFC Tags for wine bottles in High Security. 4.Flexible Design embedding NFC in Cap. 5.Passive RFID tag with a unique code. Application of RFID Printable Wine Bottle Neck Tags: 1.Widely used for wine, alcohol security tracking identify management. 2.Logistics supply chain, digital warehouse management etc. Specification of NFC Wine Tag: Face stock material: Paper Antenna: Graphene printing antenna Substrate: Paper Glue: Eco-friendly low temperature glue Size: Customized size Craft optional: Custom logo, ID, QR or laser anti-counterfeiting etc. Storage temperature: - 20°C ~ + 85 °C Operating temperature: - 40 °C ~+ 85 °C Package Package: in roll or by pieces IC Parameter of RFID Wine Tag Frequency: 13.56MHz, Protocol: ISO14443A, ISO15693 Chip selection: NFC NTAG®213, NTAG®213 TT, NTAG®413 DNA, ICODE® DNA, ICODE® SLIX Optional: Chip Programmable Why HUAYUAN Anti-counterfeiting RFID Bottle Tag: 1.Rich Experience for R&D Tamper Tags 2.Millions of Tags Produced for Top-level Brand Wines 3.Strictly Confidential for Our Projects. Which solution is best? It really depends on what you are trying to search, and specifically on the read distance requesting. Read range, high-security level, this might not be what you want. Contact HUAYUAN team to let us help you select the right label type for your wine and spirits.

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