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UHF RFID Cosmetic Tag for Beauty and Retailer Management

RFID cosmetic tag can increase profits and ensure brand protection through identity verification, tracking and tracing, reducing counterfeit inventory and circulation, and providing end-to-end traceability throughout the supply chain. It can also improve shipping and packaging accuracy by up to 80%. Key feature of RFID UHF cosmetic tag 1.Excellent slim inlay suitable for cosmetic like lipstick, mascara, eyeliner 2.Rich experience for mass production for big projects Specifications of RFID UHF cosmetic tag A.Technical data of RFID UHF cosmetic tag:
Item RFID cosmetics tag

Antenna Size

60*4mm Customized


64*6mm Customized

Operating Frequency

Global (860 - 960MHz)

RF Protocol

ISO-18000-6C, EPC Class 1 Gen 2


UCODE® 7/8, R6-P

EPC Memory

128 bits /224 bits

TID Memory

96 bit,

Variable Data Processes

based serialization, programmed

Inlaysubstrate material

PET/art paper (AW4200A), MZ0305, UPM paper, etc

Operating temperature

-40 to 85 C

Quality assurance

100% Test by Tagsourance

Black Block Printing

out-of-tolerance inlay marked

Un-wind direction

Inlay-side Out

Core size

3 in [76.2mm]

Maximum roll

13 in [330.2 mm]

Average # of units

10,000 verified

B.AD-160U7 is specially design for lips, Lipstick, mascara, eyeliner etc C.Security NFC RFID chip Personalization Securuity NFC RFID 100% testing and Encoding &UID/TID database provide; Barcode, QR, Data Matrix printing with chip data Customize variable programming How to select a UHF RFID cosmetic label? 1.Physical size, thickness, material 2.Installation 3.Performance for electronic, performance in supplier chain, an verification Why choose HUAYUAN RFID for luxury brand? 1.Flexible optional for different performance 2.Color printing, numbering, encryption encoding enable on tamper proof Anti-counterfeit tag 3.Whole solutions of products or include data format, security operation, even tag converting 4.Any customized solution can be fulfilled with our sophisticate experience in this area. 5.Key partner of AD more than 10 years. For further information of RFID tag for eyeliner, mascara or lipstick etc retailer brand, please contact us.

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