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HDX Automated Guided Vehicle AGV RFID Tags

HUAYUAN had developed a passive LF RFID HDX Tag for precise AGV navigation and industrial trace and track. Sealing the RFID transponder in a glass tube for mounting under all-weather ground, like ports, container depots, and warehouses. By 35cm reading range, reaching 40KM speed moving AGV, the position code encoded in the tag can be promptly read by an outdoor autonomous AGV. It is a durable RFID AGV tag with good consistency, quake-proof, EMC-resistance for large wharves and major shipping hubs management system. This industrial RFID tag had been applied in several Chinese wharves, and the AGV RFID tags can be best same performance compliance with TI LF HDX and IXYS LF HDX tag. Key Features to the AGV RFID Tags * Reliable half-duplex (HDX) low frequency (LF) communication format * 64 bits for data/identification storage * 134.2 kHz operating frequency * FSK modulation * Energy harvesting battery-free wireless power * 16 bits CRC error detection code generator * 10 year data retention Specifications of on AGV RFID Tag
Item name RFID AGV Tag
Protocol standard HDX ISO 11784/11785, ICAR compliance
Memory 192bit
Functionality read/write
Frequency 134.2 kHz
Typical reading range 90mm – 120mm (desktop reader) > 30cm (reader with big antenna)
Weight approx. 19g
IP Class IP68
Operating temperature –25°C to 85°C
Write endurance > 100,000 R/W cycles
Memory retention 20 years
RFID AGV Tags Applications * Inventory management * Ingress / egress discovery * Real-time container tracking * Manufacturing production flow control * Vehicle identification * Security access administration * High value asset monitoring If more detailed information to Automated Guided Vehicle RFID Tags needed, feel free to contact us.