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Eco Low Temperature Resistance RFID Tag for Fresh Food

One of HUAYUAN’s low-temperature resistance RFID tag, which can resist - 80 degrees Celsius. This type of passive RFID Tags adopts low temperature resistant, eco-friendly material and low temperature resistant glue. With improving the low temperature resistance, anti-interference, fast reading and easy to install, it is perfect designed for medical, pharmaceutical and asset tracking management, fresh food and other industries that need deep temperature resistance RFID tag.   Can RFID Low Temperature-Resistance Tags be Read at Very Low Temperatures? As we all know, the chip wide operating temperature range is - 40 °C up to + 85 °C. So most passive high frequency (HF) and ultra-high frequency (UHF) EPC Gen2 tags can operate at -40 degrees Celsius (-40 degrees Fahrenheit). That means HUAYUAN passive low temperature resistance tag is not guaranteed to work at - 80 °C, but doesn’t mean it won’t work at that deep temperature. Key Features of the RFID tag in Low Temperature: 1. Flexible and printable. 2. Low temperature resistance - 80 degrees Celsius. 3. Eco-friendly face stock material and glue. 4. Chip encoding 5. Ideal used in the market of Research labs, Tissue storage facilities, Pharmacies, Biobanks, Crime labs Main Application of RFID Frozen Tag: - Reagents - Bio-samples - Tissue storage - Implant storage - Pharmaceuticals - Cardiovascular products - Orthopedic supplies - Fresh and frozen food, Refrigeration storeroom Specification of Low Temperature RFID Label: Face stock material: Eco-friendly PET, PP Glue: Eco-friendly low temperature glue Size: 40 × 50mm, and customized size Craft optional: Custom logo, ID, QR numbering printable Suffer deep temperature range: - 80°C ~ 0 °C Storage temperature: - 80°C ~ + 85 °C Operating temperature: - 40 °C ~+ 85 °C Package: Package in roll IC Parameter of Low Temperature-resistance RFID Tag: Frequency: 13.56MHz, or UHF 860~960MHz Protocol: ISO14443A, ISO15693, ISO18000-6C EPC GEN2 Optional: Chip Programmable Advantage HUAYUAN’s flexible RFID tag in deep temperature: - Superiority in design - Consistency read performance - Has been widely used in cases and proven reliability - Factory direct delivery - High quality with fast delivery - 100% inspection before shipment Contact us for more details about RFID tag in low temperature.

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