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Anti Metal RFID Bumper Tag for Automotive Industry

Since 2012, the management of famous auto brands had decided to use RFID technology for automated manufacturing and logistics management during the planning and development phase of the new site. At the beginning of the project, UHF RFID tag for bumper was identified as the standard because of the longer reading distance. When the original bumper leaves the injection machine, it is immediately equipped with an RFID tag, which is registered and managed by the RFID software. This allows the bumper to be tracked and traced throughout the production and logistics process.  Key feature of RFID bumper tag 1.Good performance on metal surface 2.High performance, UV-resistant acrylic adhesive Specifications of RFID bumper tag A. Technical data of RFID tag for bumper:
Item RFID Tag for bumper

Read range


Operating frequency:

EU: 865–868 MHz. US: 902–928 MHz


PET etc.




RAIN (EPC Gen2, ISO 18000-63),

Chip information:

Impinj Monza 4D, MONZA R6 etc.
B. Target application of RFID on metal tag for bumper  

Automobile production tracking

Sales and retail inventory

Vehicle registration

Fleet management

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