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Which Industries and Textile Assets use RFID Laundry Tags

Which Industries and Textile Assets use RFID Laundry Tags

RFID Laundry Tags are with features like flexible, robust, waterproof, and reusable etc. They are widely used in various industries. For example, industry, healthcare, hospitality, nursing home etc. HUAYUAN offers large product portfolio of RFID linen tags to identify, trace and track specific kind of fabric: work wear, flat linen ( bed sheets, pillows, tablecloths etc.), garment, mats and mops.

Specific Industries

For Hospitality

Hotel linen management cost always increased by linen lost, theft or inventory mistakes. In the meantime, these issues could affect customer satisfaction. These RFID laundry tags are invisible after stitched inside sheets and towels and track their service cycle which is very helpful to prevent lost, fast inventory, enhance efficiency and reduce cost.

For Hospital

Controlling costs without compromising health and patient safety is a major challenge for hospitals and healthcare facilities. The RFID laundry chip which embedded inside clothes and linen could provide accurate records of wash times and help to predict the service life of each textile. Purchase department cautiously establishes procurement plans while effectively improving hygiene and infection control.

For Nursing Home

Customers unsatisfied with nursing home laundry which always bothers working staffs in nursing homes and laundries. The RFID laundry tag’s implement not only optimized the laundry process, but also reduce loss and labor costs, and enhance reliability. With RFID, staffs in nursing home can spend more time to look after the residents.

Textile Assets

For Uniform, Workwear

Offering uniforms for staffs accurate and timely is very important. RFID system is able to automatically manages the assignment of any type of work clothes, and update inventory and item status in real time. Our smart linen tags have four versions (hot sealing, stitch, in pouch and hanging). More than 200 washing cycles are guaranteed even in the harshest laundry conditions.

For Private Apparels, Garments

HUAYUAN offers large product portfolio of RFID linen tags. Our RFID linen tags are invisible and imperceptible. Furthermore, it is easily remarkable for identification.

For Flat Linen

HUAYUAN RFID Linen Tags, with special design, are ultra-small and thin which easily hidden in the narrowest hems. These RFID laundry transponders are not detectable and does not interference with the end customers’ s experience.

For Mats & Mops

Our RFID washable tags are ultra-thin, thickness thin to 0.76mm, which is difficult to detect after embedded inside the mats. And with outstanding RFID performance.

HUAYUAN known-well RFID linen tag, and we are professional in dealing with variable data process. If any support needed, welcome contact our sales team.