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RFID Technology in RFID Linen Laundry Management

RFID Technology in RFID Linen Laundry Management

At present, RFID technology has penetrated into every aspect of people’s life, more and more applications achieve more convenient management by RFID technology. Because the clothes are different in material, style and so on, there is no uniform cleaning standard, resulting in the classification of this process is often very complex for each laundry, meantime reducing work efficiency.

As for medical institution, on the one hand, the disinfection of common smudgy fabric  includes the chemical, humidity and dry, can ensure the cleanliness of the fabric during several rounds of chemical and physical disinfection. On the other hand, from sorting, washing, disinfection, drying, folding and packaging of medical fabrics in large medical washing enterprises have realized the maximum degree of mechanical automation,  avoid cross-infection from smudgy fabric to people, as well people to clean fabric caused by secondary pollution.

In the process of manual collection and sorting of medical dirty fabric, flying dust or aerosol with potential infectious bacteria will be spread, which will not only cause air pollution to the environment of public places (including outpatient and emergency department, disease area of each department, etc.) in hospitals, but increase the occupational exposure and cross-infection risk of fabric collectors. RFID textile tag can realize non-contact collection of dirty fabric, scanning, less than a second, you can know which medical fabric from which department, which ward, which category, and then the background will automatically print out a list, effectively prevent the possible infection caused by manual check, shaking dirty fabric.

For the daily laundry management of dry cleaners, intelligent central laundry factory plays a key role in realizing laundry automation, digitalization,standardization and visualization. Let each piece of clothing have their own unique ‘ID card’ – RFID laundry tag.

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 At first, RFID linen tags will accompany the clothing from collection to delivery. The one-time cleaning process will go through a total of 16 procedures including admission points, admission inspection, classification before washing, stains before washing, classification washing, classification drying, quality inspection before ironing, sterilization plastic, classification ironing, quality inspection of finished products, matching of accessories, sterilization and disinfection, packaging of finished products, factory distribution, factory review. Every time the garment goes through a process, the information is entered into the chip. The chip can ensure that every step of cleaning clothes is recorded, and customers can check the cleaning status of clothes at any time. For some important operations, customers can also visualize the laundry process by watching videos on related apps, knowing which technicians and machines clean the clothes.

Based on UHF RFID laundry tag, automatic data collection is carried out for the feeding and washing, handover, in-and-out storage, automatic sorting, inventory checking and other operation steps of linen. The collected data are uploaded to the background system in real time through UHF handheld terminal and fixed reader, so as to master the status of all links of linen circulation in real time, and make real-time statistics of washing times, washing cost, rental quantity and rental cost. Realize the whole process visualization of washing management and provide real-time data support for the scientific management of enterprises.

RFID laundry management system can automatically count the number of fabrics putting into each department in a variety of turnover state, use portable RFID reader to the work area for non-contact scanning and inventory, quickly and conveniently read the data information of clothing, to achieve an accurate inventory of the type and quantity of clothing without opening the cabinet, not opening the box. By checking the inventory results with the release records, we can find the changes such as asset shortage and surplus, find and analyze the reasons for the differences, and solve the problems existing in the clothing management by strengthening the system construction and link management.

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