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RFID Pallet Tracking Tags in Warehouse Management

RFID Pallet Tracking Tags in Warehouse Management

Since the competition is more and more intense, it is key matter to each company that how to enhance working efficiency and decrease operation cost. Design and establish a suitable warehouse management system, which speeds up stock turnover, reduces operating funds, and boosts cash flow, is key part to enhance productivity for each enterprise.

Modern warehouse management needs more than traditional barcode labels and manual warehouse management documents. RFID technology with long reading distance, fast bulk reading, large memory whose implement makes supply chain transparent and efficient.

RFID implement helps to realize wireless management. In order to enhance working efficiency, in the meantime try not change the current logistics mode, more and more RFID tags are used for pallet management. The merits to RFID tags for pallet:

1, Fast bulk RFID tags reading and keep recording the information which increases working efficiency.
2, Keep tracking the logistics and supply chain process, enhancing operating efficiency.

Integrating RFID technology into current system for automatic data collection to inbound and outbound, redirection, and inventory management. It ensures each process’ accuracy and efficiency.

Work flow

  • Products Incoming

RFID terminals read the RFID tag on the pallet, transfer the data into the system. Scanning the barcode on the package

  • Change the pallet or assemble scattered cartons

Reading RFID Tags by using portable RFID terminals to reconnect the carton level RFID tags, and encoding the new information, and updating into the database.

  • Pallet outgoing

RFID pallet Tags read by the fixed reader and antenna, uploading the data to the central management system.

  • Receiving at distribution center

All RFID pallet tags could be read in 2 to 3 seconds without scan tags one by one.

Key elements to choose RFID pallet tags

RFID pallet tracking tag is the most effective solution for pallet and container management in warehouses or factories. For RFID tracking of pallets and containers, RFID tags are installed on pallets and containers to identify and track throughout the manufacturing process or in automatic storage and retrieval applications. Generally, RFID pallet tags are designed to be unobtrusive when installed on containers or pallets. Some RFID UHF pallet tag can adapt to harsh and constantly moving and collision environments.

According to the current status of warehouse management and feasibility study of RFID implement in logistics management, integrating RFID in the WMS system is very helpful to position and pallet management. The RFID technology improves logistics management level and efficiency, in the meantime, reduce management cost.

Why choose HUAYUAN RFID Pallet Tags?

* The product design that has undergone rigorous testing needs to pass the high temperature test, low temperature test, water resistance test, impact resistance test, drop test, static resistance test, cleaning resistance test, etc. In addition, the selection of inlay will also need customer to confirm the reading distance requirements and storage requirements;
* With the diversification of product forms, we can provide a variety of different pallet tag forms to meet the needs of different customers and different pallet designs;
* Standardized production process, price and quality have advantages in large quantities;
* Rich experience in post-processing such as personalized coding and coding, and can print pallet labels in standard format for coding according to customer requirements.

Success RFID Cases:
1, We provide RFID pallet tags for large foreign pallet rental companies, and provided PET RFID tags for plastic pallets and encode data. The data format used is EPC Class1Gen2/GRAI-96;
2, We provide RFID pallet tags that meet the domestic GB standard for many domestic warehouse management system companies.

If more detailed information about RFID pallet tags needed, feel free to contact us.