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RFID Library Tag for Document Management Application

RFID Library Tag for Document Management Application

Document management system, through the establishment of a unified standard, standardize the entire file management, includes the standardization of the business system document management; Build the complete archives information resource sharing service platform, support the whole process of information processing, including acquisition, transfer of receiving, archiving, storage management, library use, release on studying, etc. At meantime, gradually transform the business management mode into the service-oriented management mode, service model as the foundation of business management, business flow and data flow based on model for service platform for the system.

The use of traditional manual management may save costs, the number of files in a small number of traditional manual management can still be feasible, but the number of traditional file management methods and technology caused by more and more problems. It is understood that the field of file management has been such a situation: the use of the traditional file cabinet management system is generally cumbersome and inefficient system file cataloging process, the sorting time is long, the order of file storage is easy to be disrupted, the file search time is long, the file inventory operation is not scientific, the management of invalid files lags behind and other problems.

With the rapid development of computer network technology and bar code technology, it has become possible to combine RFID technology and digital archives construction with the scientific management of archives entities under the existing technical conditions, so as to realize a new model of scientific, efficient and highly modern management of archives construction. The intelligent file management system based on RFID technology has greatly improved the work efficiency of collection file management, which not only improves the speed, but also, more importantly, improves the accuracy of shelving. Through collection inventory, we can master not only the number of archives in the collection, but also the categories of archives and the real-time location information, so as to realize the task that is almost impossible to complete manually.

HUAYUAN provides RFID Library Tags for document management.


UHF RFID library tag for documents, files, books

* Frequency: ISO 18000-6C

* Read Range: Up to 9 meter

* Fast group reading in big scope

* Various tag designs available

* Customize RFID design capability

* Variable data processing

HF RFID library label for documents, files, books

*Simplify the process

*Accurate inventory

*Increase the speed of query and identification for books

*Anti-theft, not easy to damage

* Various tag designs available

* Customize RFID design capability

* Variable data processing

It’s a complicated process of identification and tracking for document management, which needs to combine RFID tag, handheld reader and device. HUAYUAN can provide the whole solution of document management.


* Accuracy&speed inventory: speed inventory for every cabinet accommodate 640, cabinets can be piled together flexible for customized document capacity. 100% document in the cabinet can be read.

* Visualization: Every document position will shown on the display screen.

*Security and reliability: RFID authorize, alert reaction if any document absent.

HUAYUAN can make bespoked solution according to customers’ request. For more details, please contact the HUAYUAN sales team.