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Micro Near-Field UHF RFID Tag for Small Item Tracking

Micro Near-Field UHF RFID Tag for Small Item Tracking

Micro Near-Field UHF RFID Tag for Small Item Tracking

Micro RFID tag is a tag solution launched by HUAYUAN Electronics for inventory of small objects. When using RFID tags, we often encounter the situation that the size of the object to be attached is too small or the allowable labeling area is too small. At this time, the conventional size of the tag is no longer applicable, and we need to find an RFID tag with a very small size. Usually these tags require near-field group reading when scanning inventory, so in addition to the need to provide a size that meets the requirements of use, and higher requirements for near-field group reading performance is also needed.

At present, most of the FPC, PCB and ceramic mini tags supplied on the market are not cheap because of the material cost, so they have not been widely used. In response to this problem, HUAYUAN Electronics has developed an RFID mini near-field tag. The smallest etched antenna size currently available is 7.4*2.5mm. Using high-precision die-cutting, the size of a single tag can be as small as 9.5*4.5mm, can basically meet the needs of customers small size, and has a reading distance of 5 ~ 40cm. For applications with high reading requirements for mini near-field tag groups, we recommend 8*23mm size RFID mini tag, used with our own developed near-field Rain RFID PAD, in the case of 300 RFID mini near-field tags tiling , read 300 tags in 3 seconds, the reading rate is 100%.


  • Medical device management
  • RFID Jewelry tag with tail
  • Specimen RFID tag
  • Small size RFID tag for retail
  • Cable RFID tag

Notes: RFID mini tag inventory method

  • One-to-one reading is recommended to use a handheld PAD with UHF module.
  • Group readers are recommended to use near-field Rain RFID PAD or Impinj r2000-level handheld readers. However, when using handheld readers, you need to control the reader power and ensure that there are no extra tags around to prevent cross-reading.

For more information of small RFID tag, please contact HUAYUAN sales team