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HUAYUAN RFID Waste Management Solution RFID Bin Tags

HUAYUAN RFID Waste Management Solution RFID Bin Tags

HUAYUAN Waste Bin Tag RFID tags are cost-effective passive non-contact waste management transponders that enable route optimization, pay-as-you-go and recycling incentive procedures, while avoiding error-prone and costly manual data collection.

HUAYUAN RFID worm tag transponder is durable and provides excellent resistance to water, salt spray, mineral oil and petroleum, while being extremely resistant to shock and temperature changes. HUAYUAN Bin Tag DIN 30745 tag transponders have extremely good performance, can withstand harsh environments, and help waste management organizations easily and efficiently achieve optimal data integrity. This label product can be easily installed in standard nested bins and most bins, including metal bins and DIN 30745 plastic bins.

RFID bin tag can be configured with low frequency (LF), high frequency (HF) or ultra high frequency (UHF). All HUAYUAN Bin Tag transponders perform very well when installed in plastic containers.

Key features of RFID Plastic bins tag

1, Easy to integrate: standard size, easy to install or retrofit.
2, Anti-tampering: custom wrench screw drive prevents deceptive disassembly.
3, Broad compatibility: A variety of frequencies and memory capacities are available to suit global installations and agreements.
4, Reliable and stable performance-it can be installed on plastic and metal boxes without constant monitoring.

Advantage of RFID wheelie bin tag

1, DIN 30745 label tag size fits most plastic trash cans
2, Available configurations for optimizing the performance of metal trash cans
3, High resistance to physical shock, chemical pollution and temperature changes
4, LF, HF and UHF 
5, Compatible with Unique, HDX, FDX-b (EN14803), HF or EPC Global Class1 Gen2 formats, suitable for all common waste management implementations

The following are the popular waste management RFID bin tag solutions in the market:

RFID Worm Bin Tags: 30*15MM RFID Waste Bin Tag, diameter 30mm of the side is surrounded by threads to directly fix the tag to the concealed place of the trash bin, providing a separate identification code (ID) for each trash bin. 30*15mm is a classic and traditional threaded trash can label, which can be laser LOGO, customized in various colors, BDE code,etc.

Most existing systems use: TK4100 Read only, FDX EM4305 R/W, HDX 79999, FDX-b (EN14803), HF ICODE SLIX, also compatible with UHF, UHF reading distance is about 50cm.

We have done a lot of trash bin projects in Europe, and they are shipping steadily every month. HUAYUAN Tech GMBH is in Germany that can provide localized services.

In addition, whether it is FDX or HDX, we can provide very competitive costs in order to assist you to better operate the entire system and reduce your project costs and risks.

Especially for HDX chips, we are very confident that whether it is price or product, HUAYUAN is an indispensable choice.

durable-rfid-worm-waste-bin-tag  (2)

PVC RFID Trash Tags: 100*25mm UHF PVC laminated tag, fixed at the two ends by perforation, and can also be fixed at the back with adhesive, can print LOGO and laser barcode data, it can also be printed according to customer requirements like EPC encode, ASK encode, etc., mostly used for UHF solutions.

This UHF tags also very popular for pallet tracking like VAL or KLT standard.

RFID bin tag Standard: Unique: DIN 30745; FDX-b BDE: EN 14803, DIN 30745; HDX: EN 14803, DIN 30745;

HF: ISO 15693, ISO 18000-3, DIN 30745; RAIN UHF: UHF EPC C1G2, ISO 18000-6C, DIN 30745

pvc-rfid-trash-tag-for-waste-management  (1)

Target application of HDX FDX bin tag:

* Asset tracking management

*Object identification

*Trash can charge management etc.

If you hope to know more about trash can RFID tags, please contact HUAYUAN’s sales team.