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HUAYUAN Near-Field Rain Desktop Panel PAD RFID Reader

HUAYUAN Near-Field Rain Desktop Panel PAD RFID Reader

Near-Field Rain Desktop Panel PAD RFID Reader

UHF readers include UHF near-field readers and UHF far-field readers. The main difference between of them is the antenna configuration.

UHF far-field antenna: long read distance, the large radiation angle, but it is easy to misread the label next to it.

UHF near-field antenna: short identification distance, the radiation is only on the vertical front surface of the antenna, and the identification label cannot be far away.

The difficulty of the near-field RFID UHF PAD reader is that within the effective reading distance (within 5cm), each position on the near-field antenna is covered with the near-field signal.

Currently, conventional UHF desktop PAD reader on the market often miss reading when reading near-field RFID tags, poor group reading performance, and the reading rate is low. In some areas with dense RFID tags, it is easy to misread the designated RFID tags in inventory, and reading the surrounding tags, which is not specified, right tags cannot achieve 100% accuracy reading.

For the needs of Near-field RFID UHF PAD Reader, , HUAYUAN has independently developed a high-performance compact Panel PAD RFID Reader, also known as UHF Desktop PAD Reader or UHF Shielded Pad Reader with a built-in circular polarized antenna. Our Rian RFID Panel Pad reader can easily read 300 tags in 100% within 3 seconds. Modern and stylish design, coupled with extremely competitive costs, can be read with zero errors in a harsh environment and even in crowded places in a short period. Fast, safe, accurate, reliable and efficient reading of goods, reducing manual intervention, saving a lot of time and cost, making compact ideal fixed RFID readers for inventory reading of small items, such as inventory of jewelry labels, small retail items, museum specimen management, document management, medical test tube management, and other customized automated solutions.

The Advantages of HUAYUAN Near-field Rain RFID PAD reader:
1, Use the Impinj R2000 chip to independently develop the read and write module, and optimize the near-field reading scenario to achieve fast reading in the near field without missing reading.
2, The near-field antenna is specially designed to make up for the small blind area in the antenna to ensure that the tag can collect data at various positions of the RFID read Pad.
3, Integrated design, the RJ45 network cable is directly connected to the system network, and any computer can directly operate the device in the system.
4, Perfect SDK, convenient for customers to directly use and develop application software.
5, According to the special requirements of customers, we can make customized antenna and PAD sizes according to customer requirements.
6, Each UHF tabletop RFID reader has undergone rigorous testing and fine-tuning before leaving the factory to ensure that each device that reaches the customer is in the best condition.

Specification of UHF Near-Field RFID Reader

RAIN RFID Reader Module Impinj Indy™ R2000 inside RFID read ECube
Interface RJ45 (Ethernet) TCP/IP
Build-in Antenna Near field dense reading antenna
(read rang 50mm from pad surface)
Material Glossy Acrylic top / Aluminum Pedestal
Protocol ISO18000‐6C. EPC Global C1 G2
Working Frequency ETSI 865~867MHz
FCC 902~928MHz
CCC 920~925MHz, 840 ~ 845MHz
NCC 924~927MHz
Output Power 0dBm ~ +30dBm (Suggest 17-25dBm when high dense inventory
Rx Sensitivity -83dBm
Led Indicators Power, linked, reading
Modulation Mode BSD_ASK/M0/40KHz,PR_ASK/M2/250KHz
Power Supplier 220 AC / 12 V DC Adapter 12V < 2Wart
Working Temperature ‐20℃~+50℃
Storage Temperature ‐40℃~+70℃
Operation Humidity 10%~90%
SDK Support Microsoft, NET APIs, C/C#, API, Java
Dimension 597(L) x 497(W) x 50(H)mm

Current Panel Pad RFID Reader has already used on the projects below
1, Inventory of jewelry labels
2, Inventory of small retail items
3, Inventory of museum specimen management
4, Document management
5, Test tube management

HUAYUAN also can produce the near-field rain RFID mini tag. Getting more details about the UHF RFID fixed reader, please contact us team for further discussion.