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Cryo Deep Freeze RFID Labels for Medicine

Cryo Deep Freeze RFID Labels for Medicine

Deep Freeze RFID Labels can scan/read deep frozen heat transfer radio frequency identification (RFID) tags in the range of 360º without directly in sight. The flexible RFID cryo tag is ideal for storage and dry ice transportation in a freezer at -80°C (-112°F), and it adheres excellently to sample vials and other containers even at very low temperatures. Suitable for real-time tracking and inventory of small-diameter cryotubes and cryotubes, cardboard freezers, polypropylene freezers/freezers, cell culture plates and other containers.

When printing with our recommended RR grade anti-fouling ribbon, the resulting printout is also resistant to alcohol spray and wiping. After affixing the UHF Cryo tag label at room temperature, it can be stored in deep freezing conditions (zero curing time) immediately after affixing.

Benefit of Deep Freeze Cryo RFID Labels

* Omnidirectional reading range, ensures easy scanning from all angles

* Scan multiple vials, even without a clear line of sight

* RFID Cryo label tag is ideal for -80°C freezer and dry ice

* Flexible UHF inlay for excellent adhesion to vials and other containers

* Print and encode using thermal transfer RFID printer

UHF Cryo labels are completely customized products. If you need to intervene in a Rain cryo tag project, then the following key points need to be noted, please check:

1 Temperature range: -80 degrees freezing low temperature level / -196 degrees liquid nitrogen low temperature level

2. Size and reading range: customized

3. Requirements for surface material and adhesive: customized

4.Craft: perforated, position line printing etc.

5. The shape, surface, test tube, plasma bag, etc. of the object to be attached are different and involve different substrates

6. Inventory method and equipment

7. Recommended ribbons: RR grade coating and alcohol-resistant resin ribbons

HUAYUAN’s existing participation solutions:

In the domestic sperm bank project, RFID liquid nitrogen label were used in an environment of -196 degrees, and the project has been running normally.

In the blood management project, the anti-freezing RFID wrap tag of -80 degrees is used, the storage temperature of fresh frozen plasma is below 20 ℃, the storage temperature of frozen red blood cells is -70 ℃, and the storage temperature of platelets is below 24 ℃, of which plasma tags are also used. The liquid-resistant special design, and some frozen food customers also use RFID frozen labels on the outer box of the product, including fish, meat, etc.


If you need more information about cryo deep freeze RFID tags, please contact the HUAYUAN sales team.