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Brand Protection tamper evident RFID tags for wine bottles

Brand Protection tamper evident RFID tags for wine bottles


In recent years, many great brand fake products are evolved in the wine market. Traditional anti-counterfeiting labels can no longer completely protect them. RFID technology with a unique code, anti-counterfeiting functions. More and more famous wine manufacturer have begun to use RFID tamper proof tag in the wine management industry, for example, Maotai, Wuliangye, etc.

As we, all know, due to the sensitivity of RFID chips to metals, many different brands of wine cover materials such as foil-captag, crown-captag, etc. Personalized RIFD wine bottle tags design with optimal performance is a challenge.

HUAYUAN’s ECO RFID Tags for wine bottles already utilized state-of-the-art material-graphene as the RFID antenna, paper substrate and food-safe glue. Not only meet the requirement of the anti-counterfeiting function, but also the material is eco-friendly.

Unique antenna design can avoid any influence on the material of cap, perfect RFID chip performance. NFC RFID bottle tag stick on bottle cap, body or sealed on bottleneck. Customers use NFC mobile to scan the label to check product details (URL, ID pre-program details, batch number, production time etc.).This tamper evidence NFC wine tag combines traditional anti-counterfeit that once the bottle open, passive RFID tag with a unique code sealed or antenna will be damaged and embedded NXP® NTAG®213TT chip. If the detection wire is open, the IC will permanently store the result in the memory upon a tap with an NFC mobile phone.

HUAYUAN knows well there are the variety of bottle caps from different brand wines. HUAYUAN can design RFID printable wine bottleneck tags for customers, and can make the RFID tamper evident tag antenna based on customers’ design. HUAYUAN will abide by the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in order to cooperate with partners without leaking internal information.

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