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Automate Warehouse Operations with Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) RFID Tags

Automate Warehouse Operations with Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) RFID Tags

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are generally considered simple machines that perform simple tasks that replace personnel. AGVs are an ideal way to automate factory in most industries. With the reliable features of AGV technology, it is easy to see the increase in throughput. These vehicles are ideal for repetitive, dangerous tasks and are safer to use than traditional forklifts.

Most modern AGVs use inductive energy coupling. Therefore, any product used on AGV must have sufficient EMC resistance in order to work reliably in a large electromagnetic field environment. The AGV travels along a pre-programmed path, which can be modified to address different manufacturing needs. The absolute position of the AGV is determined by reading a floor-mounted RFID tags. This method is also suitable for determining the location of forklifts, cranes, skids and similar material handling systems.

Magnetism: The AGV is guided by a tape or strip attached to the floor and detected by a sensor under the vehicle. The path is continuous. Disadvantages of tape navigation that the tape is easily damaged and requires regular maintenance. The path change requires re-laying the tape. The AGV can only follow the tape and cannot realize intelligent avoidance, or change the task in real time through the control system.

AGV RFID solution: Implant the transponder into the floor of the facility so that the RFID Guides AGV can navigate.

The application of RFID Guides AGV positioning system can solve the problem of magnetic navigation sensors being affected by the quality of the magnetic strip and the magnetic field environment. Because RFID navigation is not affected by the magnetic environment, the use of AGV RFID tags landmarks and AGV readers can accurately locate and plan routes flexibly.


Our LF 134.2kHz robust AGV RFID tags can be installed on the floor. It can be easily installed by only drilling a hole in the floor. The reading distance can reach 35cm range. Rugged and durable, with good consistency and shock resistance, so that floor-mounted RFID tags installed with RFID reader and edited by logic can make the decision to stop, rotate, or continue forward. HUAYUAN RFID tag for AGV and RFID reader to make automated manufacturing operations easier and more accurate.

Furthermore, The RFID reader installed on the AGV must have a sufficient reading range and have appropriate lateral tolerances. When the RFID tag must be replaced, the replaced data content must match the data content of the original AGV RFID tag. Since RFID Guides AGVs are often powered by induction loops, RFID solutions must provide sufficient EMC resistance.



The precise location of the parked goods can be determined so that the RFID Guides AGV can quickly find the temporarily parked goods. It is suitable for the management of large terminals, airports and major transportation hubs. AGV RFID solution has been used in several Chinese terminals and it is currently the best performing RFID tag on the market.

• Inventory Management

• Ingress/Egress Discovery

• Real-time Container Tracking

• Manufacturing Production Flow Control

• Vehicle Identification

• Security Access Administration

• High Value Asset Monitoring


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