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Are You Searching for Small RFID Tag with Powerful Performance

Are You Searching for Small RFID Tag with Powerful Performance

The sensitivity of RFID chips is continuously improved, the design capability of RFID antennas is continuously optimized, and the processing industry is improved

Our small RFID tag with 40*15 RFID inlay can achieve the basic function of a label that is twice the size three years ago. And the stable reading distance of the label is about Up to 8 meters. Especially the antenna design is for inlay attached to paper and plastic media, but the performance has increased. This RFID tag is ideal used for apparel, retail and brand protection.


HUAYUAN has two types of inlays which are also very good choices:

  1. The antenna size 40*15mm RFID inlay can be easily converted into a small RFID tag, other RFID clothing tag, wet inlay and RFID paper tag
  2. Retail RFID and industrial products, no metal item level tag
  3. The perfect combination of reading distance and size
  4. Flexible chip selection: UCODE 7/UCODE 8 and Monza R6/R6-P.
  5. Both FCC inlay and ETSI inlay have better pass-through design
  6. We can also do efficient various data printing and coding processing

This two antennas performance is very near smartac miniweb, If you have any project demands and assistance, please contact the HUAYUAN sales team.