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China wholesale Gen2 Rfid Tags - Silicone UHF RFID Laundry Tag for Laundry Management – HuaYuan

UHF Silicone laundry tag uses a newly designed RFID laundry tag to provide better performance in high-pressure dehydration and ironing washing environments. Enterprises can efficiently manage textiles, furs, and clothing through durable and soft silicone laundry tags. Laundry solutions product uses the most advanced UHF (Ultra High Frequency) tag technology, supports long-distance batch reading, and the reading accuracy up to 100%. It can significantly improve the washing process, with more accurately and efficiently complete delivery, acceptance, logistics tracking, and Inventory management, which greatly improve work efficiency, reduce labor and labor time to achieve low-cost and efficient management. RFID UHF industrial laundry tags can effectively improve communication performance through UHF technology. Reading hundreds of tags at one time can reduce labor costs caused by barcodes or HF (high frequency) RFID tags and provide cost-effective management. Silicone RFID industrial laundry tags are soft and durable, which can be applied to the washing environment such as continuous high-pressure dehydration and ironing in a short time. It can accurately read a large number of tags at one time and has an extremely low failure rate, which can accurately and conveniently complete inventory management. Silicone RFID UHF laundry tag Features: Silicone laundry tag with UHF technology can read hundreds of tags at a time Reading distance exceeds 2-4 meters New mechanical design for better reading performance on textiles High efficiency, durable, suitable for washing, dry cleaning, ironing, etc. Small and flexible elastic material suitable for textiles, furs, clothing, and accessories, etc. 100% non-magnetic substance, can be used in the medical field ◆ Long life Can be used in washing, dry cleaning, and ironing laundry environments Recycling more than 200 times Excellent performance Large communication range can read hundreds of tags at one time ◆ Soft and compact Packaged with special material, the tag is soft and small Protocol ISO IEC 18000-6 Type C (EPC Gen2) How to install labels Sewing, hot pressing Lifetime can be used 200 times in washing environment, water-resistant and waterproof Technical Specifications of Silicone RFID Laundry Tag: - Dimension: 55 x 12 x 2.5mm - Frequency: UHF - IC Chips: Alien H3 - Encasement: Silicone - Read Range: Up to 2.5 m, Depend on readers power and working environment - IP Standard: IP68 - Operating temperature: -35 °C to 200 °C - Storage temperature: -50 °C to 200 °C - Recycle Washing: 200 Washing Cycles Looking forward to your inquiry of UHF Silicone RFID Laundry Tag.

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