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Anti Theft UHF RFID Jewelry Tags for Jewelry Sunglasses

HUAYUAN had supplied with fashion and retail customers for RFID UHF Jewelry tag, we have further knowledge to understand the luxury business using RFID with secure and accurate features, HUAYUAN RFID jewelry tag can help the luxury brand make more profits. Key feature of RFID UHF Jewelry tag 1.Inventory tracking 2.Retailer management 3.Fast and long reading distance(1000pcs/5Minute) 4.Good consistency 5.More cheaper solutions than HF solutions Benefits of RFID in Jewelry 1.Protect your brand with private information 2.Tracking stock movements 3.Improve inventory availability 4.Search for specific jewelry using a handheld device 5.Seamless shopping experience 6.Generate reports on top-selling products to make informed business decisions Specifications of UHF Jewelry Tag A.Technical spec. of RFID UHF Jewellry tag:


UHF Jewelry tag


GS1/EPC Global UHF Gen2

Operating Frequency:



MONA R6, UCODE 7 etc.

Inlay Size:

75*14mm etc

Label Dimensions:

104*27.5mm or customized


Paper/PET/art paper (AW4200A), MZ0305, UPM paper, etc


Perforated on front, normally without waste discharge


Customized data (barcode, price, Art. No.)
B.Size & drawing of RAIN Jewellery tag  Why choose HUAYUAN RFID UHF Jewellery tag? 1.Experienced RFID technology over 2 decade in design and manufacturing; 2.Rich experience with RFID and IT system integration in big projects, 3.RFID antenna design by etching, copper winding for customized performance and specifications; 4.Inserting, converting, encapsulation for diverse environment and applications; 5.Millions of UHF jewellery tags productions per year Contact our sales team for further information of UHF RFID Jewellery tag .